CineXPlayer is an app that you may watch motion pictures on the iPhone with out changing them. An instance makes clear why that turns out to be useful: you’ve a good multimedia library constructed, however primarily motion pictures in XviD structure. Would you have a look at the iPhone, you need to first convert them to. Mp4 information so that you provide them to your iTunes library can add. For a number of episodes of a TV collection you’re, quickly two hours to attend earlier than that you could experience. In CineXPlayer just isn’t vital: who reads the XviD video recordsdata and play them with out conversion.


You copy the video through the File Sharing feature in iTunes to your iPhone in one minute or two. Then you can start right away on the iPhone look.

● Transfer your Xvid movies to your device instantly (no conversion needed) 
● Play your movies anywhere, anytime – even when you have no Internet connection (in a train, a car, a plane…) 
● Enjoy the full quality and cinema experience 
● Full Resume Function 
● Swipe to Delete (to manage movies) 
● Rotate Lock. 

For novice users CineXPlayer getting used to. Adding new movies do not do it through your iTunes library via File Sharing. It is also just find out what movies do not play a (the makers do not list what exactly is and is not supported) so it is advisable to add more movies so always carry one in between that works (that sounds afschikwekkender than it is, because I worked with most videos without problems). All videos are added without an Internet connection to view and you have seen everything, you can handle them with a swipemotion to remove from your iPhone.

CineXPlayer is only for the iPhone 3G  and 4 and the third / fourth-generation iPod touch. Want your multimedia files in many more formats to play on your iPhone, then you better opt for a streaming video solution as AirPlayer. While the files remain on your desktop or NAS are and it is possible to almost every conceivable format playback.

Purchase CineXPlayer for $1.99 [iTunes Link].


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