Class Action Lawsuit Hit Apple Due To The iPhone 5 Wi-Fi Defect That Caused Data Overages


iPhone 5

A user group has filed a new class action against Apple, accusing the company of having concealed a defect on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s that involved the automatic switch from Wi-Fi to the cellular network, causing high costs in the bill for customers .

According to this complaint, the flaw goes back to 2012, shortly after the release of iOS 6: this version of the operating system incorrectly interacted with the new A6 processor Apple, especially in the management of wireless data transmission. With three core GPU, the chip A6 was the first able to process large block streaming video and audio without the aid of the two CPU cores. As a result of this choice, iOS 6 was to develop streaming GPU, leaving the CPU in stand-by mode to save power. Turning off the CPU, however, also it meant disabling Wi-Fi, letting go streaming across the cellular data network. Automatic switching from Wi-Fi to 3G occurred without notice to the user, resulting in high costs in the bill.

We believe Apple should not have withheld this repair for AT&T Wireless subscribers for any period of time. By withholding this information and repair, consumers were unaware of the defect and were left to sort out high cellular data charges with their wireless carriers.

According to the plaintiffs, Apple was aware of the problem but did nothing until the release of iOS 8.1 in October 2014. The reason for this bug is explained in the complaint: in 2012, Samsung was dominating the smartphone market, then Apple decided to release iOS 6 in a hurry, just to offer new features to their customers. Proof? While the beta of iOS 5 were seven, iOS 6 was released only three months and after 4 beta. Clearly these only just allegations of the plaintiffs, although in some cases the problem described actually showed up on some iPhone 5 and 5S with operator Verizon. We will see now whether the judge will accept or not this class action

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