Clean Install OS X El Capitan On Your Mac

There is a new version of OS X El Capitan 10.11 available and many of you still have the doubt above upgrade or install from scratch the new version of the Mac operating system. What we will show in this tutorial how to install from scratch The OS X El Capitan on our Mac, but again, this is not a prerequisite and can be updated over our OS X Yosemite without further.

In my case because of the many tests performed for the blog and others, I usually perform upgrades from scratch when we jump from one operating system to another. Eye, not at each update that Apple launches type 10.10.3 to 10.10.4, if not jumping today as OS X Yosemite and OS XEl Capitan. This usually comes right to my Mac and I also made a good pre-cleaning it leaves the machine ready to receive the new OS X without dragging errors or trash from the previous version. Here I leave a few previous steps for you to do before starting the upgrade or clean install of the new operating system.

disk-utilityDisk Utility zero Installing OS X El Capitan

Well let the mess and start the download from the Mac App Store the new operating system OS X El Capitan. Before swimming totally remember that there are several valid methods to perform a clean installation on your Mac but I personally always use the same, the tool DiskMaker X. So if you want to follow this tutorial you get to go through the website and DiskMaker start downloading this tool is in beta (they always are after a release), but it works perfectly with OS X Captain.

The installation process is the same as in previous versions, so if you already did ever sure you will be quite easy to carry out. An important detail in these cases is that the installation is best done with the MacBook connected to the router via cable and once connected to the mains.

The first and if we want to advance work while downloading the new OS X El Capitan on our Mac, is conducting a USB or SD format 8GB card or higher need for clean installation of the operating system and for that you connect to Mac. The process is simple and just have to enter Disk Utility found in the Other folder in Launchpad. Once inside we select the USB / SD and click on delete, you add the format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled) and we put the name. The USB or SD card will be completely erased, so be careful.

Once ready our USB / SD, prepared and ready DiskMaker the decarga tool for OS X El Capitan, and the process can begin. With USB / SD connected to the Mac click on the icon DiskMaker X and the option to install OS X Yosemite (El Capitan imagine that soon appear) works well calm and click on the download previously made OS X will be in El Capitan the applications folder.

We set the administrator password and click Continue. Now it’s wait out the installation in the USB / SD 8GB if it takes a little quiet, it’s normal. In no event we will close the program, will disconnect the USB / SD or will quench your computer. Once finished we can start the installation process on your machine.
diskmaker-yosemiteOnce the process DiskMaker X finished we can proceed to the installation on the Mac. To begin the process is as simple as turning off the Mac with USB / SD connected and just when booting keep pressing the Alt key to us start menu appears, select the USB memory or SD card where we have the OS X installer El Capitan.

Now we delete Yosemite OS X on your Mac and select this option Disk Utility and eliminate our current OS X partition the left in the format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled). We left the Disk Utility and continue with the installation of OS X El Capitan.

Ready can now enjoy the new OS X El Capitan!

Questions about whether or not zero install the operating system always appear before the release of new versions and if it is true that it is not absolutely necessary to perform a clean installation, it is always good to make occasionally for two reasons: The first is that we avoid mistakes and possible failure ballasting the previous operating system and the second is that you lose the fear of carrying out a restoration of our Mac and we realize that it is very simple although it seems a difficult task. Whenever we have a backup in a backup of important files or documents, we will have no problem whatsoever.

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