Clear iPhone app chooses traditional interface without buttons


Phill Ryu for most of the people won’t understand his identify. However known as the MacHeist bundles for the Mac, then all at once a mild comes on. Ryu is the one that often organizes. and in contemporary months used to be busy with one thing totally completely different: the institution of a building studio referred to as Impending. He’s working with developer David Lanham, who additionally labored on The Iconfactory.



The first project that the duo has been doing is making Clear, a lists app that you can make colorful frames. Add your business to, check them and remove them from the list. The genius here is the interface.

The elements on the screen of Clear are interactive, which happens best when you follow the video. The developer's ideas of Apple squandered, by deviating from the standard operation of an app? We want to hear. Clear Soon in the App Store.




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