In Chinaappeared, a clone of Apple Watch already, or with a similar appearance to new devices, which are suspiciously cheap, and consumers were ahead of events, as the genuine articles will be available until next month.

In e-commerce sites such as Taobao, Alibaba, watches look almost identical to Apple, to the digital controller distinctive crown on one side of the device and the four sensors at the bottom.

In fact it is already possible to find many models from manufacturers that do not have any qualms in selling these watches with the same logos and the same name as the Apple device, although one suspects quickly when you see the price.

Of course externally everything looks basically identical to the official watch of Apple, and especially manufacturers have endeavored to provide identical to those devices finishes. There is even a more expensive version also copied to the Apple Watch Edition and could even considered expensive by the standards of counterfeiting in China: we can get that exclusive model with gold (you have to see the actual quality) for 2958 yuan.

The expected wave of indiscriminate copying of Apple Watch was launched at CES in January, and now these counterfeiters become hard to demonstrate their ability to copy Apple designs. Of course one thing is the appearance, more or less achieved, and other internal hardware and operating system of these devices, which will probably be offered with a modified version of Android. Some may be limited to no more than tell time, which again shows the audacity of some counterfeiters are certain to attract some other sucker … or presumed low budget.[Sources: BusinessInside]

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