Clone iPhone X Mimics Original’s UI, Features And Lightning Port



The iPhone X is currently, one of the dream phone many people, but its prices might preventing some people to own it.

Knowing this, many companies have launched similar devices with more affordable prices, but still, most of them do not bring as interesting value as a device that was recently analyzed by the site Motherboard.


In addition to bringing a near-perfect copy of the pre-installed iOS, has a design quite faithful to the top of the apple, including even a lightning port for loading and transferring files.

With a final price costing just 10% of what Apple charges for the iPhone X – that is $100, the device has an interface similar to the Apple bezelless, including even the “Welcome to iPhone “after initial setup.

In terms of technical specifications, the model features the MediaTek MT6580 chipset and Android 6.0 Marshmallow pre-installed from the factory, running almost seamless customization of iOS.

Unfortunately, the site did not provide details on the rest of the specs, but something curious that was reported in the review concerns the IMEI, which apparently corresponds to that of an iPhone X (possibly cloned, of course).

(via  Motherboard)

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