Clone of the iPad Air running Android and Windows 8.1 side by side



It’s unlikely to please Apple chief designer Jony Ive. With the Chinese “Onda V919 3G Air” enters another “clone warrior” the scene. The peculiarity of the find: Both Android and Windows 8.1 potter on the tablet.
An audacious copies of the iPad Air and Co. we got used to it. The original product from Cupertino serves as a blueprint, but the fakes are often not very efficient, and above all they lack iOS. The new “Onda V919 3G Air” is no exception, because iOS 8 will never be able to be installed on this device. Instead, it relies on a – not unlike the iOS – customized version of Android. However, the tablet dominated by the manufacturer and Windows 8.1 – and this in parallel to Android. Thanked either the built-in Intel chip.

ipad_klon_windows_androiBei the translation of this infographic we have to fit. However, it is clear: Windows and Android 8.1 running in parallel and can be launched from the currently active operating system.

003371552The remaining specs are impressive at first glance: A 9.7-inch display with a “Retina-resolution” of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels, 64 GB internal memory plus microSD slot (up to 128 GB are supported), to a 3G mobile connection and all this at a price equivalent to only $177.

Only in western climes there will never be the “Onda V919 3G Air” probably officially. Apple’s utility model protection is too obvious violated a ban is inevitable. This should be borne in mind also the event of any private import.[RedmondPie.]

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