Codify: Program and create games from the iPad for the iPad


Codify simply launched an enchanting utility that means that you can software from the iPad touchscreen. Basically, codify it can create games, applications and any visual image simulation using the LUA programming language. The editor has been optimized to work with the multitouch screen and includes intelligent auto code (similar to Xcode Code Completion).


However, there is a small problem related to the distribution of applications created to codify.
Applications developed in only codify codify run inside. This means that you can not publish the application or game on the App Store.

Recall that the recent change in the terms of use closures SDK allow you to run applications with certain portions of interpreted code (LUA is an interpreted language), but prohibits the discharge of this code (you can not export or import)
Anyway, codify is an interesting tool for experimenting and prototyping creative overdrive.
Hopefully in the future can create content on the iPad larger and much better if this content is related to programming


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