Within the coming days, September eight, Apple will liberate the ultimate model of IOS 4.1 for devices iPhone 4/ 3GS/3G, 4G iPod Touch/ 3G/2G, a new version of firmware that puts more stable and secure to the aforementioned devices .



As Apple prepares to launch IOS 4.1, Comex is already working on finding the most efficient way to jailbreak the iPhone/ iPod Touch with the new firmware.

According MuscleNerd, Comex has started with a Jailbreak userland rate, simulating the Spirit and jailbreakme. This type of jailbreak is to find some vulnerability in IOS.

If things get a little complicated, then there will be a jailbreak bootrom ratesimilar to or redsn0w blackra1n. This type of jailbreak is based on the hardware or the way they run

The userland method is easier to use but also easy for Apple to block it. Bootrom The method is a bit more complicated to use by the user, but Apple will block it complicated.

Either way, if you depend on to unlock their iPhone devices work – making calls with a SIM from another provider, stay away from IOS 4.1 to the Dev-Team launches a tool of either of the two jailbreak methods above.

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