Comex runs a web browser on the Apple Watch



As many of you know, Comex is one of the best hackers in the jailbreak community, creating the easiest jailbreak to use to date a jailbreak that was achieved from the iPhone Safari, entering and moving the web the “slider”. Now, Comex has achieved a new milestone: getting the Apple Watch run a web browser.

The first wearable Apple is not able to surf the web natively, but, as you can see in the video that shows Comex, that does not mean you can not do at all. The hacker tells us that Watch OS is based on IUkit, but the SDK does not currently support running native code by default. You have probably  to find some way to make web pages visible in the Apple Watch.

It is not expected that the company apple bite the Apple Safari add Watch, at least in the short term. Navigate from one screen to such a small size is something that most users never do, but there is the possibility that other users have to see this function as useful. Not surprisingly, the Apple Digital Watch has the Crown would allow us to move without covering the screen.

The method used for skipping the restriction is totally unknown, but inevitably think of a jailbreak for the clock of Cupertino. Currently, like all first version of a device from the bitten apple, Apple Watch comes with certain restrictions that some users might want to skip. One that is not very helpful but if desired may be the option to add photos as wallpaper.

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