Comparison Between The iPhone 6 Plus And The Canon 5D Mark III DSLR



On the web, I found a lot of articles on photo scanning using a DSLR. They offered a very simple or very cumbersome ways, but issues have been neglected. In this article I would like to talk about their considerations in film scanning, sink a little deeper into the theory, and to consider a homemade setting for scanning. In my mind I was able to make a fairly simple and inexpensive installation, using which you can get as much information from the film and to minimize post-processing.

Whether it is possible to replace their classic camera with the next-generation smartphone, the latter have begun to overcome some of the point-and-shoot cameras on the market, but a smartphone can compete with a DSLR? Let’s find out by looking at the new test carried out using the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus.

This test was performed by Lee Hutchinson from Ars Technica,tested whether the iPhone 6 Plus can compare with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III worth about $3,400. The premise of this test was done to show if the iPhone 6 Plus is better than the Canon, but it is a simple comparison to see if a normal consumer, not a professional or expert, can see the differences between the shots taken by these two products.

120 213

iPhone 6 Plus (top), DSLR (bottom)

Outside, the sunlight gives a new life to the iPhone 6 Plus, which is able to obtain the most rewarding and beautiful images, while the DSLR put us more to get a couple of decent pictures, one of which was underexposed and the other to the contrary overexposed.

53 64

iPhone 6 Plus (top), DSLR (bottom)

The iPhone 6 Plus falls completely when you are in a studio environment, to take professional images, where the image from the iPhone looks absolutely horrible in comparison to the one taken with the DSLR. There really is no comparison. The findings of Hutchinson indicate that in many states, a smartphone that costs a few hundred dollars gets more or less the results of a digital SLR that costs eight to ten times as much. If you do not then need a camera top-of-the-line business or to satisfy your hobby seriously, the smartphone should be enough for your photographs.

The result turns in favor of the Canon 5D, but you can not admit that in the end, considering the price and the device, the iPhone 6 Plus does not do so bad. The site concludes by saying that in the end the real difference between the two is not the lens or the sensor, but the experience of the photographer. You can see all the details of this comparison between iPhone 6 Plus vs Canon EOS, not that the pictures taken and all the final data directly on Ars Technica website.

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