iOS-7 The developers decided to implement a concept advanced multitasking tweak for iOS 7. According to the idea of designer Bill Labus , who created the concept of Mission Control, iPhone multitasking bar combined with the control point , which makes use of the operating system easier. Vertex tweak the author became a developer by the name of Ian Burns.

Since the advent of multi-tasking on the iPhone the way it works has not changed – by double clicking on the Home button to call a special panel that showcases the latest running applications on your device . Under the new concept, a control point iOS 7 takes over the screen with the latest running programs .

“Every time we do a double -click is very tiring . Especially, there is a noticeable delay between the second click and when the page appears multitasking. Often mistakenly doing triple click and have to wait until the OS will first panel , and then return to the desktop. Make a simple swipe up is much easier and faster , “- says his idea of ​​a designer .

Created by Ian Burns tweak Vertex reliably implements the concept of Mission Control, but also carries a number of additional features. So , pulling the card application will appear useful statistics – time since you last opened the program , the duration of use in the last session, and the total runtime.

Vertex is still in the testing phase . Created tweak demonstrated his work on the video (only flash):


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