Concept introduced iWatch Bracelet With Nike FuelBand Style



According to rumors , Apple has plans to issue its own clock iWatch, the brand has been registered in several countries last year. What will be the electronic bracelet “Made in Cupertino”? Designer Todd Hamilton , inspired by popular sports accessories Nike FuelBand, developed the concept of Apple Smart Watch.


The device , according to the designer intended to reveal the potential of modern energy-efficient wireless interfaces . The main trick to iWatch, in addition to the ergonomic shape – curved touchscreen . The clock is set modified shell program based on iOS 7 , and includes several standard applications and services: Telephone, Weather , Maps, Nike+ client and more. You can switch between programs using gestures ” swipe “.


IWatch installed on personal assistant Siri, therefore interact with a connected mobile device is possible, using conventional voice commands. According to Todd , watch the clock monitor the behavior of the owner and pass this information on your iPhone or iPad.

How close to the real product concept proved Toda, time will tell. It is said that Apple has already signed a deal with LG to supply 1.52 -inch OLED- displays for iWatch.

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