Concept of iPhone 7 from a Serbian designer



Three months after the presentation of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus,  it begins to appear rumors about the next model of Apple smartphone on the web. However. No one else really knows whether the next model will be called iPhone  7 or traditionally have the initial “S”. Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian dizayneraVsled rumors again began a marathon with concepts for new devices. His vision for the future of gadgets a month ago had demonstrated Martin Hayek.

On the same day his concept iPhone 7 presented Serbian designer Nikola Cirkovic. Having considered the views of the users that the screen is 5.5 inches too uncomfortable, Cirkovic in his visualization of the new smartphone Apple declined to 5.2 inches diagonal.

229Concept designer suggests that iPhone model 7 will be released in two colors – black and white. The image of the smartphone can see fine lines on the top and bottom of the screen – it’s sensors. Their task will be to identify the location of the device – whether it is before the eyes of the user or stored in a pouch or pocket.
Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian engineer, shows sensors as soon as the smartphone will be served up to the eyes, the screen will automatically turn on.

Accordingly, the screen will remain inactive if the gadget to keep, for example, in the pocket. Cirkovic also considered inappropriate in the new model smartphone presence of side buttons. This is both to improve the appearance by removing unnecessary elements, and thus relieve the user from accidental activation of the iPhone 7.


According to the forecast of the designer, the new smartphone Apple, equipped with a A9 processor, will present in the autumn of 2015. Concept iPhone 7 from the Serbian designer reported that signed a contract with Samsung to manufacture A9 chipsets. Previously, the South Korean manufacturer has broken the deal with Apple over the production of A8 processors , which were equipped in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Now, according to reports, Samsung will provide apple device chips by 90%. According to information available in the new processors to 35% lower power consumption, reduced size of 25% and will increase capacity by 20%.

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