Concept Of The Rumored Space Black iPhone 7 With Lightning EarPods



Although Apple has not openly acknowledged, the Cupertino stopped offering a completely black iPhone after the problems experienced in the same color as iPhone 5. Bezels on that device is pricked and iPhone lost much of its appeal, from being a device with less good one … exquisite finish. Since then the gray space and the good news is used is that the next iPhone will be darker. But would not it be better to be offered the possibility of buying a black iPhone 7?


The mentioned problems caused Apple iPhone 5 would be wiser and devices launched later in gray aluminum. But the latest rumor says that the space gray is much darker has made the designer Martin Hajek created a concept iPhone 7 totally black the color that many miss.


Hajek has included the latest rumors in concept. One that is not new is the Lightning EarPods, but what is new is its color. Currently, all cables and headphones that come in the iPhone or iPad are white and the one in this concept is black. Moreover, the black iPhone in July this concept has the largest and most chamber to the edge, as we have seen in all the leaks so far.


It has also included a interesting detail: a button touch start, ie no sinks. And it is that a recent rumor says that the iPhone 7 will have a button to start pressure sensitive, so we can perform different actions depending on the pressure we apply, something similar to what we already do with the 3D Touch.

(Source: Martin Hajek)

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