iPhone 6

iPhone 6Arthur Raise prepared a new Apple’s next- generation of the upcoming device without hesitation called it the iPhone 6.

The design of the gadget has traces of the iPod and iPad Air: rounded back cover made ​​of silver aluminum, convex display, bevel the edges in the front panel , speaker and microphone on the bottom edge on both sides of Lightning- connector. The handset features a large 4.5 -inch screen, which , says the designer , easy to use with one hand – due to the curved shape and ultra-thin frames .

It should be noted that the bending of the display is not an innovation (some machines have such screens) – this change is rather cosmetic in nature than technical . Last year there were rumors that the iPhone 6 can get a concave profile like Google Nexus S or convex – as in the first models iPod nano.

Presentation of the new Apple smartphone will be held at a special press conference this fall.

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