Concept Shows iOS 8 Healthbook App Interactive Demo



It is believed that Apple is working on a special application called Healthbook, which will be unveiled along with the iOS 8 and become a component of the future firmware . Indian designer Jayaprasad Mohanan , focusing on various rumors, has created a concept showing Healthbook app interface on the new Apple mobile os .

HealthbookAccording to the designer , Healthbook will look like Passbook app. The program will be responsible for collecting information that relates to the health of its users , including statistics on fitness classes. The information is on the iPhone from the wearable computer.


Healthbook will collect and systematize blood pressure data, heart rate and other statistics related to biometrics , as well as to control the level of glucose. The app can also recall receiving medication at a certain time . Information displayed on the iPhone screen in the form of cards.


Therefore iWatch becomes wearable and will debut this Fall. Anyway, sources say that Apple is working on iOS 8 , keeping in mind the interaction with smart-watch, among other things will have opportunities to work with mapping service .

You can try it for yourself by going to on your iPhone

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