iPhone6conceptWhy reality , if you can give free rein to the imagination ? That’s how guys think of the studio SET Solution and presented a very interesting concept of the iPhone 6.

This year we expect the presentation of the new smartphone from Apple, who will receive a larger display . Italian design studio created SET Solution concept iPhone 6, which gives an idea of the incredible potential of the future new Apple products .

Video Atma Studio develops ideas about holographic screen and the presence in the new flagship of miniature projectors. According to the authors , it would be cool to work in tandem with soaring gestures, and we can not disagree with them . Want to just three active screen with your device? Just put it on a flat surface , ” whisk ” icon in the side, and the projection of images displayed on the side of iPhone. A hologram will not only work , but also become a great tool for games.

” Each of you fervently hopes that the iPhone 6 will meet the expectations . There are people who want to retinal scanner , waiting for some 3D- camera , large display , much better battery , etc. etc. The point is that all we are waiting for different things!

In this video, we have tried to present these fantastic features such as holograms, interactive screen , a new way to unlock … Maybe we’ll see them in the iPhone 6 , but maybe not, but one thing we are sure : fantasy – it’s fantastic it makes life beautiful . ” – said in a video description .

And of course the iPhone 6 SET Solution eyes got big screen, which is now without it.

This iPhone 6 concept is called ” Dream”. The model features an ultra slim and the large display ” from edge to edge .” In addition, according to the authors work in the future Apple devices will include laser projectors that can display on the table for more screens . As designers say , virtual desktops display image quality comparable to the main display and allow more convenient to work with multiple applications.

Hardly the next phone from Apple will get these wonderful features done, but not without reason called the video “The Dream”, so why not dream a little?

Of course , the level of development of modern technology allows us to produce a smartphone in such a slim design with a screen ” edge to edge “, but projecting images in the air is not yet possible . Nevertheless SET Solution believe that in the future Apple mobile devices can not only play a specially recorded holographic image movies or transfer , but also will be able to transform into a hologram “ordinary” pictures and videos .

Actual iPhone 6, according to leaks, such innovations will not get any. He could only boast large-screen ultra-sharp, cool camera and a more powerful processor. Someone said that the new flagship will fall, but analysts say that Apple will unveil its much earlier. Wait, hope, dream =).

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