Confirmed: Apple Announces iPhone 8 Keynote Event For September 12


iPHone-8-eventApple confirmed that September 12 will be the day the new iPhone 8 will be presented. This is one of the most anticipated days of the year for all technology media and all fans of the company, and will have as a stage an unbeatable place: the Steve Jobs Theater, within the company’s new headquarters.

In addition to the new iPhone 8 rumors point to other less revolutionary terminals such as the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus, a new Apple TV with 4K and HDR support and a new Apple Watch with 4G connectivity. Many news for a presentation in which we can not forget that iOS 11, macOs High Sierra and watchOS 4 will have their moment glory during the presentation.

The presentation will be focused on the iPhone 8, as it can not be otherwise. It is the tenth anniversary of the iPhone and it is expected that during the presentation Apple celebrate it. The new iPhone will have OLED display, as a design in which the front will be almost entirely screen, wireless charging, a face recognition system that will replace the Touch ID, a camera with 3D functions and numerous software-level developments that will be Exclusive for this new terminal and that we have not yet seen in iOS 11. If the deadlines established in other years are met, the normal would be that on Friday the 15 can be reserved the terminal and that it goes on sale one week later, Friday 22 .

But we can not forget the new devices that Apple has pending for this year. The new Apple TV we know little, only that will play 4K content and will be compatible with HDR content. Nothing about the design or new features, which may mean that it could be one of the surprises of the day, or a small disappointment.

The Apple Watch will also be renewed according to rumors in recent weeks, and according to us will have the same design as the current models but with their own connectivity, without needing the iPhone to receive messages, notifications or download data for their applications. Mark the day in the agenda because we have an appointment.

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