Consumer Reports: iPhone XS and XS Max Camera And A12 Chips Improvements


A few days after the commercialization of the new iPhone XS and XS Max, we finally begin to take stock of the news and the benefits that this new 2018 range has brought to the Apple line-up for the iPhone segment.

Consumer Reports has expressed itself every year on the new Apple devices, concentrating its publication on the two strongest and most important points of the new range with reference to the new A12 Bionic chip and to the camera.

According to CR, this new line-up can hardly break the hearts of those who already own an iPhone X purchased last year, given the few improvements in terms of performance that Apple has made compared to the previous generation.

If you already own the X there may not be enough elements to encourage you to update. But if you own an older smartphone, then you really might think about picking up one of the new Apple phones.

Also according to CR, the display of the iPhone XS Max is a great strength bringing greater ease of use than, for example, the Galaxy Note 9, considered less practical in everyday use.

The skinnier construction on the Note9 makes it easier to hold, but it’s also harder to reach the top of the screen with your thumb. With the Max, you might have a little more trouble wrapping your fingers around the body—especially if you put the phone in a case—but you won’t have to stretch as much to reach the icons on the top row.

Consumer Reports also made clear that the real difference is the software of the new camera, really improved especially with regard to the bokeh effect that thanks to the change in the level of blurred make the shot even more professional. The new OLED display of the iPhone XS Max, which offers sharper details than the past generation but which in terms of color and color range does not bring substantial improvements compared to last year, also denotes great improvements.

As mentioned before, a great mention of course to the Aic Bionic chip that certainly improves performance while not eating the dust to the competition as could be expected given the great break of the A11 chip pointed out last year.

A definitely positive judgment then, but that, as widely commented by us during the presentation stage, does not distort the range and above all does not bring great news compared to the previous generation.

(via 9to5mac)

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