apple Watch

apple Watch

As often happens with every release of a new Apple product, the test of resistance and torture of the Apple Watch tool a little flood on the web. The first findings were as follows: The display is very hard also in the sports variant, in one meter depth the watch is waterproof and provide the sensors deliver what they promise.

A couple days ago Cnet tested the Apple against different torture situations that could occur if we use it in a kitchen. Days earlier, a YouTube user tested the water resistance actual Watch with surprising results..

The organization Consumer Reports has Apple already is preparing trouble in the past – the hype around the antenna problems of the iPhone 4 was only really big, as Consumer Reports customer would not recommend buying the smartphone.

The Apple Watch, however, it seems to have done to the consumer organization. In a series of scientific tests, the device can claim so far: The hardened glass display of Apple Watch Sport holds by up to a Mohs hardness of up to 7, can thus only with the mineral topaz with Mohs hardness of 8 scratch. The Apple Watch with stainless steel case and sapphire crystal display scratched again even with a hardness of 9.

The Apple Watch had also not been shown after 30 minutes in an approximately one-meter-deep water as waterproof, which corresponds to the manufacturer’s instructions – which is, according to the Watch should however not completely immerse themselves in the rule. The sensors for measuring the heart beat and of steps taken functioned in the tests by Consumer Reports again reliably.

Finally, they have also analyzed the accuracy of heart rate sensor and have concluded that it is incredibly accurate. In fact, the guys at iFixit already discover that this was much more sophisticated than expected and might even function as pulse oximeter if Apple activates the function.

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