In step with the Shopper is Apple's explanation of its warranty policy is not enough. After a number of consumer organizations, including the Consumers' Association, complained about Apple's warranty policy unclear, the company added a page to his site to the difference between Apple's 1-year and the 2-year warranty to explain. The Apple Consumers also wants each country to explain what exactly you are entitled to.


Bart Combee, director of Consumer Reports, finds the new page on Apple's site a step in the right direction. Dutch buyers are thus only still unaware of their rights:

Dutch law offers consumers more protection than the European legal minimum of two years. That information is tucked away in a footnote. Apple still gives no information about what this Dutch scheme involves and how it relates to the warranty that Apple offers.

On Apple's site has recently explained that one year are entitled to Apple's own warranty, but you two years may have recourse to the European guarantee. Both models are, however, guarantee other conditions. Here is a table showing all the differences are explained .  


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