It appears to be a fascinating variation for the financing of knowledge transfers which might be generated by way of apps within the cell community to pave. Because the Wall Street Journal reported to date, shall, in particular the ability of the new LTE iPad for a dramatic increase in the quantity of data transferred. This will increase significantly in the future. 

AT&T, for example, is studying a plan to give app developers and content providers the option to pay for the mobile data their products use, thereby keeping those apps and videos from counting against a user's allotment of data, kind of like an 800-number for apps.

The problem is that most rates include only a certain amount of data before the transmission rate is reduced drastically or additional charges may apply. Meanwhile, consider the first mobile phone provider now, how can we shift the cost of data usage by the users themselves away. One scenario would be this, that the vendors pay for the apps they produce amounts of data, or at least subsidize it.  

I think this idea is extremely exciting. Allerings in this case is to be assumed that the content provider, then pass the cost to the user yet. Perhaps in the form of a monthly fee for using the service. In addition, it must be with this scheme is a free basis so do not fall through the cracks smaller providers. Consumes, for example, my app (a small) amount of data when it loads the contents of my blog on the net. These transfers will not take me but certainly in future costs.Nevertheless, if well thought out and mature, certainly a sign in the direction in which it could go in the future.


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