It seems that the game controller for your smartphone or tablet – is a luxury , but on the other hand gamepad can bring gameplay to a whole new level . In the App Store on a regular basis , there are various cross-platform projects , which were originally optimized for game controllers , and some games are now opening a new control scheme , which is much easier to ” touch .”

I think there is no needs to explain how comfortable it is to hold in hands and have a joystick remote control device. PS4 console owners can rejoice – after the controller for PS3, utility Controllers for All received full support arm Sony consoles last generation.

controllers for allControllers for All is a utility from Cydia to control gamepad DualShock 4 of consoles Sony Playstation 4 . So if you are an avid gamer and have already got the PS4, this development is for you. Of course, the joystick connection to the iPhone and iPad requires a jailbreak of iOS 7. But the process takes several minutes.

Configuring Controllers for All is made the same way as in the case of the PS3 DualShock 4: Installing the utilities download additional programs or SixPair SixaxisPairTool compound and gadgets.

Controllers for All 1.1-1 can be found in the repository ModMyi, program cost – $1.99.

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