Cortana For iOS And Android Available To Download



In fact, we knew that Microsoft was testing a beta version of its virtual assistant on iOS and Android devices. However, since the signing of Redmond did not mark a deadline for the distribution of its application in the final version, which is why we have been ‘surprised’. Microsoft wants to ‘beat’ to Google and Apple with its applications and services, and the strategy is to do it directly from within. So much so that, despite Siri and Google Now, the American firm wants to offer users of its two strongest rivals an alternative virtual assistant.

Google does something similar, as maintained in the App Store on ‘Google Search’ that includes your virtual assistant, but is not available with all the functions, as is the service activation through a voice command even from the screen release. And Apple, for its part, maintains virtual assistant Siri exclusively for their smartphones and tablets, that is, the iPhone and iPad.
And although there are other alternatives, such as Sherpa, for the time being preferred by users virtual assistants are developed by Microsoft, Google and Apple. Obviously, we must also bear in mind that these are three that come pre-installed on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

At the moment, in the case of Android, you can download only Cortana from the Google Play Store in the United States and China. Of course, soon it will be extended to other countries in which the virtual assistant Cortana serves. And besides this, we must also take into account the ‘partnership’ between Cyanogen and Microsoft, which will carry equipment such as OnePlus even greater integration of Microsoft services.

Perhaps this point is even more interesting, since Cyanogen keeps developing an operating system that, although based on AOSP -Android Open Source Project- dispenses as far as possible from Google services and applications. Undoubtedly, this is an interesting window to Microsoft, which could try to offer, along with Cyanogen, a version of Android to compete with Google itself, thanks to the integration of services and applications.

Download: Cortana for iOS from the App Store and for Android from the Google Playstore

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