Cortana for Windows 9 leaked for the first time



Since Microsoft introduced Cortana, have appeared rumors of his arrival at the desk. At first it was more a hypothesis,  and by now we have up their tracks in Windows 9x.

If you already Notification Center Remind Me application and gave us clues, today WinFuture found a folder with files for an application of Cortana. It binds to commenting on Neowin: claim to have seen the application and explain that it is a small window that opens to answer your questions.

cortana-pc-windows-9And not only keep the Windows Phone circular design, but also the cycle with two a month to keep improving and adding features. It remains to be seen, though, if you really take advantage on the desktop: not there that look the same on a mobile assistant. They will have to offer more than just search Bing and voice assistant system, of course.

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