Cost of iPhone 5 bill is only $167.50



UBM Techinsights research company estimated the cost components of the new iPhone 5 is estimated in the amount of $167.50.

The most expensive part of the smartphone acts is the A6 processor. The company estimates the cost at $28, although the chip so far little is known. So his value is better with a grain of salt. NAND flash memory 16 GB is estimated at $9. In the tradition of Apple for an extra 16 GB or 48 GB of storage per user to take off. As for Bole older, the cost of the iPhone 4 to 16 GB is $112, and the 4S 16 GB at $132.

Despite the new faster processor, larger screen and support for LTE, Apple has made low-cost iPhone 5. For comparison, the cost of components iPhone 4S in October last year was estimated at $188, and the price of iPhone 4 for parts of June 2010 was $187.

Thus iPhone 5 has the lowest cost of the iPhone Retina display screen. But that did not stop Apple set the retail price at the same level. The profit from versions 32 and 64 GB will be more. In 2010, the 16 GB NAND costs Apple about $27. A year later, the price dropped to $19, and this year it was only $9. But for users to increase capacity have to pay extra $100.


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