Court denies Samsung’s latest appeal in ongoing patent case



The US Court of Appeal rejected Samsung’s request who wanted to avoid paying $400 million to Apple in the patent flight deal. Initially, the bill came to $1 billion before switching to $548 million and then $400 million. In 2012, the jury ruled in favor of Apple and Samsung was forced to pay damages but after several requests from the Korean company, the Court of Apple lowered the bill. Still, Samsung still does not want to go to the checkout.

Therefore, there is no choice but to bring the case to the Supreme Court. Hoping to avoid hefty or at least reduce further few million.

Looking at this history with hindsight, one wonders how Apple can still work with Samsung and have it as supplier for its future processors, including those of iPhone and iPhone 6S 6S Plus. Apple would do well to go through TSMC or other foundry able to meet its massive orders for chips and detach from Samsung which is also its biggest competitor in the mobile market.(Source: San Jose Mercury News)

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