Court ordered Google to remove personal search results


privacy_googleEuropean Court of Justice ordered Google to make changes in the results of search queries based on user demand . We are talking about cases where people believe that the system displays the outdated and incorrect information about them.

The reason for such a judgment served a lawsuit from a citizen of Spain. He found the data on sales of his home in the Google search service and found a violation of their inviolability of their private life . This is just one of 180 such cases in which users wish Google to remove personal information about them from the Internet.

The Court found that European law gives individuals the right to control the appearance of information about themselves in the public domain , especially if they are not public persona .

” A person may make a request directly to the search engine operator “

So, Google should be excluded from the search results links to web pages where available undesirable to view personal information , in the absence of objective reasons against this.

” We are disappointed with the court decision that affects the whole search engines and web publishers . Surprising that the judgment is substantially different from the position of a legal expert of the European Court and ignores the concerns voiced by the expert and the possible consequences . We need some time to analyze the situation , “- said  Google press release.

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