Create Google+ Friends Lists Like Facebook


Circles+ characteristic on Google is simply stunning. And if Fb bargains identical capabilities, it’s clear that they’re much much less handy to make use of. Neatly actually, a brand new provider has simply been up to date and it’ll mean you can create lists of pals on Fb precisely the identical means as with Google's Circles+. Even his title is Hack Cirlcle and will have to % up all individuals who spend (so much) an excessive amount of time on Mark Zuckerberg's social community …


And what makes it even better is that Hack Circle is frankly very easy to use. It goes to the service, click on the small button "Login", you identify with your Facebook account and that's it. In seconds, you will be redirected to a new page that looks very much like that of Google + Circles. Just take a look also to catch that show this article to realize that both tools are definitely similar. Finally, apart from some minor differences, of course …

At the top of the page, so you will find thumbnails of all our friends. Inevitably, they are arranged alphabetically and you can scroll down to see all your virtual friends. In the lower part, however, you will find lists of friends that you previously created and a button (or area)allows you to create a new one. It's beautiful, it's clean, it's clear. To add one or more friends to a list, we start by clicking the thumbnail to select it. We can of course select a gaggle of a sudden. Then, simply drag thumbnails on our list of our choices to affect our friends to a group.

So of course, it still lacks one or two events over the Google Circles + but the result is nevertheless very clean and very pleasant visually. If you have ever tried to organize your contacts into Facebook using this tool dedicated to the social network, it is clear, you may just hallucinating because Hack Circle is frankly much more pleasant to use. In short, you'll understand what would be great is that Facebook is inspired and implement a system similar story a little more stick to web standards of today.


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