Create Your Own Memoji In iOS 12


emoji-11-facesWith the new iOS 12, the iPhone X will able to create Memoji, a customized version of Animoji that is based on the users faces.

Memojis are created directly in Messages by choosing from a set of characteristics to form a unique personality. Even the current series of Animoji extends with the addition of new characters: ghost, koala, tiger and tyrannosaurus. All the Animoji and Memoji can now detect the wink and the movements of the tongue and thus offer even more expressions.

First you need to open the app related to the Animoji within the messages app. From there, startby creating your face, adjusting all the parameters, from the skin tone to the shape of the face, through the accessories and so on.

MemojiYou can then modify the hairstyle, add details (eg freckles) and customize every aspect of the face that we will use as our avatar.

The procedure is quite intuitive and allows us to create a face very close to reality and then animate it with the right facial expressions. Really a nice solution that we can use for our messages. Furthermore, we will be able to create more versions, perhaps with different looks, to be used when needed or to create Memoji for friends and relatives.

Remember that iOS 12 final version will be available this Fall and so far, only developers and users registered for public beta testing can already test the firmware new features.

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