iOS-7-resp-1Information security experts found in the operating system iOS serious “hole” , which can lead to leakage of personal data of users. Malicious software, exploit vulnerabilities allows log user actions and to send data to the attacker.

The report says FireEye, a critical vulnerability is multitasking iOS. It allows you , without having to jailbreak , record all activities of iPhone and iPad.

“We have created a test application for monitoring devices on iOS 7.0.x without jailbreaking . The program can record the event in the background on your device – the buttons on the virtual keyboard , touch the screen , pressing the Home, volume keys , and fingerprint reader Touch ID. The resulting application can send data to the remote server “, – explained in FireEye.

Received a log file , attackers can play characters that the user has typed into your device , experts say. A security vulnerability exists in the latest versions of the operating system iOS 7.0.4, 7.0.5 and 7.0.6 , as well as the previous software platform iOS 6.1.x.


In FireEye already warned Apple about the vulnerability . Correction expected in the final version of the update iOS 7.1, which is in the testing phase .

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