iOS-7-androidMobile applications  that gall on the new  iOS 7.1 platform is much less than in previous firmware versions Apple ‘s sixth and seventh generations. This is reported by Crittercism analysts, who analyzed the stability of the software on the ” apple” of the OS. Nevertheless , the experts concluded that the “fall” of applications for iOS happen much more often than it does on Android.

According to a study on the Android 4.4 takes 0.7 % of unintentional closing applications on iOS 7.1 – 1,6%. It is logical that the older versions of both systems show the worst results . Perhaps this is so for the reason that application developers do not seek to optimize their work on previous versions . Android 2.3 shows the result of 1.7 %, and iOS 6 – 2.5%.


If you look at the statistics for individual devices , the good result showed the iPhone 5 (1,7%), iPhone 5s ( 2%) and iPad 2 ( 2.6%). Android on the side stability of the software boasts HTC One, in which instances of unintentional closing programs was only 0.7%. Also good performance in Samsung Galaxy S4 (0,9%) and Google Nexus 7 (1.7 %).

Crittercism collects data based on observations of nearly a billion users , the number of analyzed events every day was about 3 billion

Most unstable applications , according to experts , are the games (4.4%) , and most reliable – e-commerce applications ( 0.4%). 47% of programs rated unintentional closing more than 1 %, and 32 % higher than 2%.

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