CSources2 Helps To Manage, Backup And Restore Cydia Repos In iOS 8



CSources2 is released later this evening tweak in Cydia for iDevice our sites, it is thought especially for those who need a more efficient way to manage the available resources for this application, its functionality is not available natively. In the picture above you have presented funcitonalitatea’s tweak that we can install in our terminals, he giving us the option to enable or disable the repo’s with a click if they slow loading or are currently unavailable.

Separate on / off quick, CSources2 makes possible for us to check if a repo is online or not, and find out more about some of the packages he offers us to download. “CSources2 is a toggle Sources Manager. Add as many sources as you Want. Disable / Enable or delete Them. Add notes. Check if Source is active. Package details. “

CSources2 is available for download at a price of $2 in Cydia BigBoss repo.

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