Ryan Petrich has a launched beta model of Curiosities, a new tweak that lets you see when app updates are available in Cydia.You get a notification in the Message Center on your iPhone, just as with the previously published Aptdate app. The advantage of the Curiosa is that more options in it. You can Curiosa every hour, every two hours, every six hours, daily, or only after manual or ring to check for app updates.


The manual refresh is to run through Activator Events. You can Curiosa alert when one of the apps installed an update, but you can also choose specific keywords. The latter is useful if you have a particular app is not installed, because there are too many problems with it. Once an update is that the teething problems have been fixed, you know it right away. The tweak is installed via the repo Ryan Petrich.

You can install from the repo http://rpetri.ch/repo Curiosities.


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