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Windows 8 is available in final version for a few weeks and you must be likely to have taken the step and thus have turned their backs on the brave Windows 7 yet you humbly served all these years. If this is the case and you now juggle daily with these beautiful colored tiles, then the following may interest you. For indeed, we will see how easily customize the home screen of Windows 8 to add the wallpaper of your choice. All without paying anything, obviously, because it’s still funny like that.

To make and customize the home screen of Windows 8, just use a little freeware nothing. His name? Decor8. Completely free – this is the principle of a freeware at the same time – it will allow you to do a lot of things really. Icing on the cake, it benefits plus a particularly neat interface and glue completely with the Modern UI Microsoft.


It commence by means of trying out the authentic site to obtain decor8. As soon as put in, it is going to seem on the house display of the machine, in the course of your tiles. Suffice it then to begin to get admission to more than a few options. On the left, and you’ll discover a sidebar containing a couple of choices, choices that let you set the history or the colour of your option. The gorgeous cool factor for wallpapers is you could add any folder to the appliance. The latter will then show the entire pictures contained in them within the type of stunning vignettes.

Out of doors the wallpaper and colour, there may be additionally a piece known as “choices” and to be able to assist you to do two or three issues. What? Smartly that you would be able to set the selection of columns within the dwelling reveal, as an example and while not having to head fiddling on your registry.

After all, decor8 is a pleasant utility and all that it will have to make you nice carrier.

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