Cyanogen Refused Money From Google In Order TO keep Android Open



Cyanogen, the company behind one of the most popular and most widely used alternative Android ROM. Enjoys the popularity of fans worldwide, but lately the company officials decided that you can target very brave. Because they want to become the third largest mobile operating system in the world, which would be of help also partnering with some manufacturers of mobile devices, such as OnePlus or Micromax. The company’s growth also noticed Google, Cyanogen who wanted to purchase.

However, according to company officials leaked information refused this offer. Because they want to continue to bring the open-system full of options and settings, and fear that Google would like to have a system under control and restrict the openness that CyanogenMod currently available. In any case, the refusal to offer from Google is not an everyday affair. Cyanogen plans to raise subsidies of $ 1 billion, but last year the company managed to get only $30 million. This means that Cyanogen still has a long way to go, which could be significantly accelerated with the help of Google. The Company believes, however, but most likely will remain under scrutiny Google, which is probably not give up so quickly.

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