The development of the CyanogenMod 12 seems to be getting on well, take the last added features as an indicator. The next nightly builds will once again have a theme engine and improved volume settings.
With the publication of each new version of Android is facing the developers of custom ROMs like CyanogenMod of not only the task of making them as possible run on as many devices, but also ROM-specific functions older version to the new porting. Depending on how much the new version of the older distinction, this is more a more or less complicated.

CyanogenMod 12 back with Theme Engine

A relatively complicated case when jumping from CyanogenMod 11 to CM 12 with the theme engine that allows the user to provide the complete system interface with new colors and icons. Accordingly, the function was not yet part of the nightly ROMs – what will change in the upcoming builds. However, going with the porting some problems associated: first, no more themes are supported, based on the old T-Mobile Theme Engine. Even those themes that are still under CM 11 were able to run despite faulty graphics (Nine patches), will in future not apply anymore. Apart from this, of course, it must be noted that previous themes were oriented to the holo-design language and simply act in combination with material design apps out of place.

Better volume settings

Also a well-known feature that is now found in the current nightly versions of CyanogenMod, the improved volume settings. One uses the volume keys of a smartphone with pure Android, it depends on the context, if the volume level changes for alerts, media playback or the alarm clock. So it runs as music, the ringtone of the device can not be turned down without invoking the options.

A panel with controls for all three types of volume when changing the volume displayed – in the CyanogenMod 12 is now but – as with older versions of the ROM. Although further changes due to the volume buttons only about the music volume, with the other controllers can nevertheless be adjusted via the touchscreen.

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