Hackers, genuine, have a androphone. Even higher, they have got a androphone turning a customized ROM like CyanogenMod Yep, it's classy and it proves to everyone how much you are in the margins of society. Whatever it is less true since a lot of people like you are now. Yes, but so that you can still you stand out from the masses and show that you're not a sheep, some guys at XDA Developers have thought of you and they have just released a tool of big bearded: the Compiler , which will allow you to create your own Android custom ROM yours alone .


Yes well, not completely, in fact. Let's say the tool is still missing a few options. For now, it will allow you to transfer funds screen , change the theme installed by default , to get rid of the languages ​​that do not interest you and that's about all. Okay, the list is still thin, real bearded there may find their accounts not fully, but still say that this tool is not without interest. Especially it is currently available in alpha version and it will probably have to expand with time.

And in a few weeks or months, no doubt he will help us do more things. Morality, if you spend your weekends to hack your androphone, it is better to keep this address below the elbow. And if you want to test theCyanogenMod Compiler , it is not complicated because all the instructions and explanations are on this page . Besides, if you are hefty, you can also offer your services, you know, that story is still developing the project a little faster.


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