composition If you have a OnePlus One, you’ve probably already received the latest update via OTA known as XNPH300. It is also likely you’ve noticed a rather serious problem: the autonomy of the device has been drastically reduced. Well, if so, you’re not alone, and people are already talking about this CyanogemMod problem.

The latest CyanogenMod update for OnePlus One brought various of improvements that users really grateful about. The problem is that, despite these fixes has also been accompanied by a big problem for most of those who have installed: the battery life has been reduced significantly. The truth is that they are not isolated and that the CyanogenMod issue tracker (the place where all the problems of updates and ROM operation report) has started to create more than 100 comments from users about this issue .

However, it seems that you have found the origins of this problem and whether ornot and some are being solved or have been solved. Basically are in the energy management system and the proximity sensor. The first issue has been resolved and will probably start sending an update with the corrected version in a few hours.


However, the problem with the proximity sensor, but is already fixed, it has been quite difficult because it was hard to reproduce and Cyanogen was having trouble solving. It appears that the remaining active sensor preventing the OnePlus One went into a state of complete suspension when not in use, so that the CPU and other components consume much more battery than usual.

As indicated by the development team in the next few hours all users will receive an update via OTA solving all the problems of the terminal to continue enjoying it.[via Cyanogenmod]

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