It seems that Saurik did not want to rest this weekend and yesterday the double upgrade now joined by a new version of Cydia Installer with important news. Version 1.1.19 and brought the significant improvement is that it is no longer running as root, but as Mobile and later versions were launched more interesting developments, such as saving the security Copier iTunes, which we will allow after restoring and re-jailbreak, our device will return to the same state it was in before the restoration.

Today’s update is version 1.1.23 and comes with the main novelty of letting you install an earlier version of the package. This is important since we can install a package that gives us problems and, until now, could only wait for the developer launched an update. Now we can return to the previous version ourselves, something we asked many users (and we also like to see in the App Store).


This version also includes another important development, to be able to see tweaks compatible with the applications you have installed. This innovation will save us long before we spent looking for information online.

The full list of changes is as follows:

Changelog for Cydia Installer 1.1.23:

Support Package Downgrades

All too often, I release a new package, and find out during the first few hours after release that there was a serious regression :(. Even if I pull the new version, users who upgraded do not have a way to easily downgrade.

Now, not only wil Cydia allow you to downgrade to the “current” version, but it also allows downgrading to any previous version that is available on the repository. Going forward, I will leave previous versions online  for some time while users are able to sort out issues.

Find Extensions for Applications

This feature was directly inspired by UnlimApps, who released a Substrate extension for Cydia called TweakHub.

The idea: automatically determine what applications a Substrate extension is designed to modify, and use that to provide categorized lists based on the iOS applications you have installed.

This technique is exciting, as it does not rely on repositories and developers to manually tag packages (this never works out): most of this information is already picked up automatically by Cydia’s “whole package index” :D.

(Oh, if it isn’t yet clear why UnlimApps wanted this feature: they develop a number of app-specific extensions ;P.)

Clearing Caches Could Kill Cydia

A user reported a situation where they ran out of disk space, iOS cleared their caches, and then Cydia wouldn’t run.

Now you can download old software: it is very common that I throw a package and then discover in the early hours which was a step backwards. So if you upload a new version, users who have not updated an easy way to downgrade. Now not only you can do the Cydia to Downgrade “current” version, but it may go back to any version available in the repository. From now on, I will leave previous versions on the server for some time if users have problems.

Find application extensions: This feature was inspired directly by UnlimApps, who launched an extension to Cydia Substrate TweakHub call. The idea: automatically determines which applications can be modified and used a web-based applications you have installed iOS list. This technique is exciting and needless developers that repositories or manually directed on packages, something that never stops working.

This new version will appear as an update in the “Changes” section within Cydia.

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