Cydia 1.1.30 Available: here’s what you need to know



The jailbreak developer-the Cydia store jay freeman aka Saurik, has released a service update. Thursday launched the version 1.1.29, followed by which debuted update under index of 1.1.30. According to the hacker, this version is aimed at error correction and optimization of the store code. According to the note, updating Cydia 1.1.29 fixes package directory download, improves directory ordering performance, optimizes downloading of location files.

In the version of Cydia 1.1.30, published within a few hours, an error related to the work in the previous version of the application has been corrected. In particular, some users could not transfer purchases from 1.1.29.

The previous update of Cydia 1.1.28, remember, has received 64-bit compatibility models of iPhone and iPad, as well as the new APT 1.14 ~ b-library, which is used in Linux operating systems, including Debian and Ubuntu. In addition, the annex has corrected errors that occur with scripts, not written in Latin.

The update also introduces a solution to a sporadic problem that prevented users from successfully conclude the search for a package. It seems that this unexpected behavior was given by an error in the management of the lists of the packages and catalogs Saurik has had to intervene on the system used by Cydia to order the same catalogs, an operation that the app performs locally and not on the server where these are hosted.

To put an end to the issue, the developer has implemented a secondary cache system, able to store the results “quite similar” to those expected by the search system. In this way it will be possible to complete the search with success, even in the case in which the main cache is not updated. The search system has been updated to support more effectively the traditional Chinese, introducing a criterion based on the order of the strokes are necessary to provide correct results in character-based languages.

In conclusion, Saurik has updated some of the app algorithms and has converted some of them using a more efficient language, improving the overall performance of the app for all users. So if you are users of an iOS device with an active jailbreak, you just need to launch Cydia and update to the latest version.


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