A quiet  hectic information, Cydia appears to had been blocked through two totally different operators in three international locations. Three (Eire), Three (United Kingdom), and Unicom (China). Certainly, when the consumer tries to connect with Cydia on 3G, it’s redirected to a web page pronouncing the website is blocked. It used to be proven by using Steve Troughton-Smith, developer of iPhone status Saurik servers which might be inaccessible from their networks. In wifi, the whole lot works neatly, operators usually are not ready to keep watch over what you do while you go throughout the center there.




TUAW has contacted the spokesman of Three, Chris Jones, who said it was just a mistake. This seems unlikely, given that these are two operators that have blocked the servers at the same time, as if there had been some sort of arrangement, and that the same operator (Three) in two different countries do not likely the same web server.


This could be a big problem for jailbreakers in the mentioned regions and so we had to look around for a solution. The solution is as simple as simplicity can get. All you have to do is dial 333 from  your phone on Three’s network and request them to disable adult filtration for you. The best part? You get a bonus too along with Cydia. Heh![Via BlogsDNA]


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