jailbreak-tweaks-iosCydia creator Jay Freeman Store , also known as Saurik, – a big fan of jailbreaking . Besides the fact that he lets third-party software , it is still actively used by other developers tweaks . Today he published a list of jailbreak apps that are installed on his iPhone.

List of selected tweaks Freeman published on the website Reddit:

“Cydget (PhotoExample, CyDialer), Cyntact, Cyueue, Veency, Five Icon Dock, WinterBoard (None), RingerX VIP, Voicemail Forwarder, Safari Download Manager, Barrel (Roll-Away), Activator (Volume HUD Tap = iWhiteboard, Volume Both Up / Down = SpringFlash, Status Swipe = SBSettings (Serious SBSettings HD)), Bars, CallBar, DietBar, DietBulletin, f.lux, FlashyStatus, FolderCloser, GlyphPatch, Graviboard, Harlem Shake, LowPowerBanner, MarkThatMessage, NoCoverFlow, NoNewsIsGoodNews, OpenNotifier ( Messages), Password Pilot Pro, Sleep to Lock, SwitcherMod, Tab +, TetherStatus, TypeStatus, TypingPrivacy, YourTube, 3G Unrestrictor “.

Observant users will notice that many of these Freeman tweaks are not compatible with iOS 7. This means that the guru jailbreak yet switched to the new platform Apple. His decision , he explained that ” does not know how to deal with iOS 7 .”

“I am not certain what to do about iOS 7. Apple ruined the web browser by adding the “scroll up for navbar” feature: it is horribly distracting and entirely useless. I could just remove it, but they also bring up a solid bar now with the back button… :(. On iOS 6 they simply nailed it: the HUD was entirely gone except for a few transparent buttons that were always present; I seriously now do most of my browsing on my iPhone (I’m typing this response on my iPhone, in fact), but I simply can’t use iOS 7 Safari. When I have time I might try to do some major surgery to “fix it”, but until then I am on iOS 6. (That said, I also rely on a ton of these extensions, and only very recently have some of them been ported. iOS 7 also screwed up the address book, and they use colors everywhere like red… red means “this is dangerous or is an error”, not “edit my alarm”. I’m just distraught.)”


Recall a few hours ago Freeman released a new version Winterboard – package to change software interface iOS 7. Assembling at number 0.9.3915 is a technical upgrade and is aimed at solving the problem with the status bar OS.

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