Cydia Impactor Becomes Cydia Eraser With iOS 9 Support



Only 24 hours after Pangu launched the Chinese version of the jailbreak, this version in collaboration with 25pp, the French developer and owner of Cydia updated Cydia Impactor, a tweak which was launched shortly after the tools to do the jailbreak to iOS 8 and that was not updated to include support for iOS 9. One of the new features included is a simple name change and has now been renamed Cydia Eraser. The icon is also new.

Cydia Impactor was the best way to remove the jailbreak of our iOS device. Without a tool like this, users had to use other available alternative store Saurik, but these other tools are not cleaned as much as Cydia Impactor, a tweak that allowed us to restore our iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and leave it in the same version where it was, which allowed us to re-jailbreak.

cydia-impactorThe other novelty that includes the now called tool Cydia Eraser is partial compatibility with iOS 9. According to Saurik, Cydia Eraser will only be compatible with the versions that were available a “single-step OTA”, which is not very clear what it is, but we know that does not work, at least for now, with iOS versions for which has released the latest tool Pangu, ie, the new version will not work with devices that have a version of iOS that is between iOS installed iOS 9.2 and 9.3.3.

The bad news, from the point of view of the jailbreak is that Apple does not provide the resources needed to run this tool in the latest versions of iOS, so it is possible that Cydia Eraser never run on the latest versions of the system Apple mobile operating. If Saurik not get your tool to work on the latest versions of iOS, the best options could be Ilex Rat or Semi-Restore, although the second of these two tools is not yet supported

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