Cydia’ ModMyi and ZodTTD/MacCiti Repos Have Been Archived



Cydia’s oldest software source ModMyi and ZodTTD announced the closure of the jailbreak circle once again aroused major commotion, Cydia currently only the most active BigBoss software source, which will be the future of the largest genuine software source BigBoss back From the heavy pressure, is also facing more plug-ins and theme designers selling thematic works.

ModMyi and ZodTTD have closed the two major software sources, the indirect impact is that it contains a lot of resources is the subject, style, so many WinterBoard, Anemone theme designers have an impact.

In the past, there was speculation that BigBoss software sources did not accept themed package uploads, but recently rejected the rumor by Optimo, the manager of BigBoss software source manager, and announced on Reddit that if there were entities uploaded on ModMyi and ZodTTD, Style works, can once again be submitted to the BigBoss software source for review and sale shelves.


In addition, Optimo also mentioned that if developers or designers have sold records in the past, these lists can be provided to BigBoss, you can make these users who have been purchased can be downloaded or updated directly, will not be affected.

BigBoss will also face greater traffic and space in the future, which also tests server operating costs. Optimo admitted that the ad business model currently in use is really not quite ideal. There are even some crack plug-ins that will also The future is an unknown source of accelerated death, and if there are unpredictable consequences, early warning of the entire jailbreak will continue and close co-operation with Jay Freeman, Cydia.

As for the jailbreak iOS 11 will have a chance? In the past, the Chinese hacking team Keen Lab successfully jailbreak on the iPhone X. This is to prove that the jailbreak loopholes still exist, but the team will not launch jailbreak tools or provide loopholes information. More loopholes will be selected for sale Apple for loopholes in bonuses, because the release of free tools is only a thankless thing, may have to wait until the sponsor out of the price higher than Apple, and may also have the opportunity to see jailbreak tool release.

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