Cydia Substrate 0.9.5015 For iOS 8 Released


The jailbreak that has come out faster public history, perhaps with this title would identify Pangu8, the tool with which we can open mobile operating system from Apple, iOS, to modify it to our liking, get more use or customize, but the thing is that it has brought many headaches for users. Fluency problems, battery life and others have been making has been highlighted mostly the same, except that of course you have to install Cydia by other means.
Saurik is still working hard to make Cydia work properly, and it has been further updated Cydia Substrate, the most important of all module. This new version number is 0.9.5015, and this time is focused on solving all incompatibilities with OpenSSH, a necessary step to remotely access the device process. How usual, you need to update Cydia has been installed manually, as currently Pangu has not posted any version that does it manually.
Cydia 0.9.5014 changelog

The good news is that another major update has thrown himself Cydia creator Saurik and known as the father of the jailbreak; This update improves stability much as it fixes several bugs and errors regarding the Open SSH and other processes that allow us to install modifications and extensions to the code of iOS, or more simply: install tweaks.
In part, this update really helps both users and developers, as we know, Cydia is not fully compatible with iOS 8 but is very encouraging this type of updates that leaves many to move more freely, as it were, and not resort to restore both. Thus, it is another small but big step for what would be a tangible and stable Jailbreak and most important thing is done.

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