Pangu released today the first version of Pangu 9 for Mac, but the Chinese hackers team is not the only the one who is doing a good job to bring jailbreak to iOS devices. Saurik, the owner of the alternative store Cydia and as is usual with him, is also working seriously since it launched the first version to jailbreak devices with iOS 9.0-9.0.2, a version that, to date, only It was available for Windows, and Cydia Substrate been updated to version 0.9.6100 to solve some issues.

What is new in Cydia Substrate 0.9.6100:

0.9.6100 blocks extensions on iOS 9 that are guaranteed to crash some key processes (such as Cydia), will inject into too many processes (due to a mismatched filter), or which will lead to subtle bugs (by invalidating the codesign of the target process). This new version also fixes some issues developers were seeing attempting to hook functions in particularly well-sandboxed processes, and adds support for the latest version of Cycript (which now runs Substrate as an injection vector).

0.9.6101 fixes an issue where Cycript could not inject into a 32-bit process. (This bug might have affected Substrate in some more general way? I am not yet sure about this.)

In a less technical way, the version of Cydia 0.9.6100 Substrate applications is intended to prevent closures and possibly some of the reboots some users are experiencing. Logically, its installation is recommended for all users who have the jailbreak on any of our devices.


While Cydia 0.9.6100 Substrate is released, Saurik has also updated shell-cmds, a package for the terminal. Although none of the updates require you to reboot your iPhone, iPod or iPad, it does recommend. It might even be a good idea to force a restart by pressing the Start and sleep at the same time to see the apple of Apple, but only if you have been experiencing shutdowns or reboots before installing these packages.

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