Good news for all users of devices on the operating system Android. Developer magazine unofficial apps and tweaks Cydia, Jay Freeman ported Universal Mobile Substrate framework for the mobile platform and Google launched a website dedicated to this project.

What this means for users running Android, they can use all of their favorite jailbreak tweaks and development may occur on devices running Android. The creator of Cydia has moved to this system WinterBoard – application for a visual transformation iPhone and iPad.

Although during the existence of the jailbreak developers presented their solutions to customize iOS, WinterBoard. With WinterBoard you can customize virtually any element of the program environment of the mobile device. The utility allows you to install themes and ensures security: what you did not download to your smartphone, you can always go back to the standard design.

To use Cydia Substrate and WinterBoard on Android, you must first unlock the device – to get root-access, which is an analogue of jailbreak on iOS, which gives complete control over mobile devices.

After receiving the administrator will install the APK, run the application and click the button Install, giving the program access to the system.

You can download Cydia Substrate for free on the site or from Freeman’s store Google Play link below. New applications are compatible with all the gadgets on the Android version 2.3, with 4.2.

Download Cydia Substrate for Android [link]
Download WinterBoard for Android [link]

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