CydiaBulletin: Receive alerts when apps get an update [Cydia]


Developer Ryan Petrich has developed a clever: CydiaBulletin. This tweak allows you an immediate warning in your message center gets when there are updates for your favorite jailbreak apps are. You do not result Cydia to boot. In the example below is an update available for Activator. The tweak is not yet released.



CydiaBulletin is a great tweak that will soon see the light of Cydia, it will allow you to receive notification when an update to one of your packages is available! It will thus be displayed in your local notifications, saving time for those who are open daily to check the various Cydia updates. The developer may also include an option to launch the Cydia app store instantly by making a swipe right from the app to add more utility to the app and to make the things easier for you.

There is no any ETA until now but it is believed that it wont be appearing before the A5 Untethered jailbreak is released.

No date is given, but may tweak out after the jailbreak untethered for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2 will be available.


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